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Caption Maker - a google docs add-on

Caption Maker - general

This page is designed to help you understand how and for what to use the Caption Maker add-on.

Don't want to read...

If you don't want to read this manual, you can check the videos listed here, should be enough to get the gist of it:

Otherwise, proceed to read the information below to find out everything you want to know about Caption Maker

The buttons, options and other elements displayed on the right side of the page are the same as those displayed in the sidebar in google docs when Caption Maker is activated. To use this manual and get information on what each button, option and other elements do, click on them on the right side and the information will be displayed in the middle of this page. Beside information shown for elements in this sidebar, below you'll find information on how to install, activate and start using Caption Maker in google docs. To get back to this page, simply click on the main title above, i.e. "Caption Maker - Help"

For detailed information on how and what Caption Maker does, click on the
Or proceed below to the installation info.

Caption Maker - installation

In order to install Caption Maker you'll need to visit this site: Caption Maker and there click on the + FREE button. e.g.

Once installed, Caption Maker will show up in your google docs menu as an option displayed under Add-Ons, e.g.

Caption Maker - Enabling

At this point, Caption Maker is installed but not enabled for use, i.e. when you open the Add-ons / Caption Maker menu, you only see Help option. Then you need to follow this procedure to enable the Caption Maker add-on in this specific document.
First click on Add-ons / Manage add-ons menu options. e.g.

Then find Caption Maker in the list of installed add-ons and click Manage button and choose Use in this document. e.g.
Now you can close the Manage add-ons window and reload the document (e.g. press CTRL + R) and then you should be able to see Start option in the Add-ons / Caption Maker menu. e.g.

Which when clicked will activate the add-on and display a sidebar similar to the one shown on this page. e.g.

And "voila", you can start using the Caption Maker to add captions to your images, tables and drawings, etc.